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Robe Seaglass

Seaglass is found in numerous seaside towns & cities throughout the world.

The Seaglass found in Robe is the result of years of rubbish dumping that occurred from the towns settlement in the 1850’s until the mid 1970’s when plastic and cardboard packaging became popular. The glass mainly washes up in one location known as “glassy beach” and has been a place frequented by families who pick up the water-worn treasures.

Most of the glass pebbles are from discarded beer, wine & soft drink bottles as well as jars and medicine bottles. Subsequently there is a lot of brown, green and white glass and, on the odd occasion, rare sapphire blue colour with light blue, purple and red pieces also.

Robe Seaglass jewellery ranges in price from $40 to $500 in fine and sterling silver with gold items made by request.

You're welcome to have any seaglass piece you have found, to be assessed for suitability for setting in a hand made jewellery item. Alternatively you can choose from our own loose glass collection. No appointment is necessary.

Just allow a few days to have it made and we're happy to post the finished piece if required. Our design service is completely free.

Feel free to come and see us, or give us a call if you prefer.

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